2015 Summer Best Blonde Hairstyles

Get sunlight in your hair with one of those gorgeous blonde hairstyles. Pamper your look with eternal color that will totally change your image. This collection of 2015 summer celebrity blonde hairstyles offers some of the hottest shades of this season.

Blake Lively/Honey Blonde

2015 summer hair colors are more natural. For summer you’d better stay away from too bold and bright colors. Rich pigmented shade tends to fade quickly and it is quite hard to maintain light blonde especially if you are going on vacation.


Reese Witherspoon/Champagne Blonde

One of the most ethereal shades of blonde is champagne that makes fair skin glow. Alongside with such incompatible impact such light shade is of high maintenance and you should devote much effort and time to keep tresses in perfect condition.


Gisele B?ndchen/Ombre

If you are looking for blonde hairstyle that will look stylish and at the same time will set you free from regular touch ups, you can choose, no you must choose ombre hairstyle where dark or golden blonde is combined with dark brown roots.


Cameron Diaz/Caramel Blonde

Caramel blonde is perfect shade to complete your sun kissed skin. The combination of two tone caramel blonde shades will add extra volume and definition even to thin and dull hair.


Chloe Grace Moretz/Dirty Blonde

Dirty blonde with brown undertone is the most frequently seen natural blonde color. More often dirty blonde is combined with brown. Such combination will break bulky texture and add more volume to thin tresses.





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