2016 Coolest Cornrow Braids

Braided hairstyles are so versatile that it seems as if hairstylists don’t sleep but think of new and creative ideas. Recently many hairdressers copy afro-braided hair styling techniques and create modern braided hairstyles for white women. Since these styles are so trendy black women can often rock different plaits on their short or long haircuts. Using the French braiding techniques today celebrities appear with cornrow braided hairstyles. Some like to rock them for special occasions to draw more attention. Here collected cornrow braid are cool ideas to use in 2016. Check them out and be inspired!cornrow braid hairstyles 2016Afro Cornrow Braids

As cornrow braids are pure Afro hairstyles I would like to start with a cool version special for black ladies. Unruly, frizzy or naturally curly hair sometimes annoy black women so they need more hair styling ideas which are tighter and keep their locks in comfier styles. afro cornrow braids 2016So, cornrow braids are perfect for this type of hair and they are styled in various ways from long and thin French braids to thicker and cuter Dutch braided styles. Whatever you choose try to keep your hairstyle suitable for your face shape. If you want to bring out facial features go for cornrow updo hairstyles. Those who look for a festive updo hairstyle of their braided hair can just go for low and tight braided bun hairstyles. Besides being so stylish this hairdo is also quite elegant.cornrow braid updo hairstyle 2016Faux Undercut Cornrow Braidscornrow faux undercut braid 2016Faking haircuts with interesting hairstyles is very popular these days. Celebrities, model and Hollywood stars like to confuse their fans with innovative and original hairstyles which seem to be short haircuts or undercuts. Both long and short hairstyles can easily be transformed into faux undercut styles by the means of cornrow braids. You plait only one side of your hair into a rope, French, Dutch or any other tight braided style and leave the other side loose and relaxed. The final effect is a faux undercut. According to your preferences you can either curl or straighten the other part of your hair.faux undercut cornrow braids Cornrow Braids into Pigtails

Those who prefer simpler and more playful hairstyles may like the combination of cornrow and pigtail hairstyles. All you need is just braiding your hair into two cornrow braids from the top part and end it with simple plaits. This hairstyle is can make you look younger and more girlish. So, opt for any cornrow braided style you like to stand out from the crowd.long cornrow braids 2016



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