2017 Hairstyle for Women over 60

If you are a woman over 60, that doesn’t mean you should go for boring and plain hairstyles. There are plenty of headdresses that can be adopted by women over 60. Most of them prefer to wear short hairstyles but they can always enhance their look with the help of a right hair color. Here I have selected 2017 hairstyles for women over 60 so check them out and don’t forget to pick up the best option for you.2017 Hairstyle for Women over 60Short Smoky Side Bangs for Women over 60

This is a textured A-line bob that is the best option for women over 60 because it adds sharpness to face and softens the overall face shapes. If you want to highlights your features use layers and waves that will draw attention to your cheekbones. The styling of these cropped locks is super easy, since you just need to give your tresses some waves and sweep the bangs to the side.Short Smoky Side Bangs for Women over 60Shoulder Length Straight Bob for Women over 60

This is an excellent headdress from top to bottom. The golden blonde base warms up her complexion while the streaks of brown add some dimension and depth. For a simple styling you don’t have to do anything rather than drawing a simple center part and straightening your strands. Actually the straight strands are great to show off both the color and the cut in the best way.Shoulder Length Straight Bob for Women over 60Pink Short Hair for Women over 60

It is kind of unexpected style for women over 60 but you shouldn’t limit yourself with several hairstyles, try to think out of the box and you will definitely achieve a unique and mind-blowing headdress. Feel free to rock the most vibrant and sassy hair colors and the pink is the way to go. Anyway pink is super easy to get on grey base.Pink Short Hair for Women over 60Short Pixie Haircut for Women over 60

This is the most elegant and classy headdress that any women over 60 can try out. The blonde shade makes the look super stylish and flattering even if natural grey strands pop up. When it comes to the cut, it is a short pixie that doesn’t require any special styling. It is a low-maintenance look that you can adopt if you have appropriate face features.Short Pixie Haircut for Women over 60Straight Pixie for Women over 60

Most of older women prefer to keep their strands short, easy for styling. Well, in this case pixies and short bobs come in handy. What can be more flattering for a woman over 60 rather than this pixie haircut? If you have straight hair you don’t have to use styling tools but women with curly locks will need to make their pixie super straight. Bangs are great to complete this look.Straight Pixie for Women over 60












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