2017 Long and Short Hairstyles for Mature Women

It is never late to try out some exciting and mind-blowing hairstyle ideas. Whether you are a mature woman or a young girl, life is just beginning. To fill your life with cool feelings, consider your makeover. A new version of yourself deserves a totally new look. With that idea, we have selected 2017 long and short hairstyles for mature women. Let’s dive in to find the best option for you. Just keep in your mind that these looks are trendy and stylish. 2017 Long and Short Hairstyles for Mature Women Salt and Pepper Short Bob

This salt and pepper chin length bob will take some year out of your face. It is an interesting crop that has short and asymmetrical bangs that work really well with glasses ands statement earrings. The locks are styled in messy pattern for a carefree and disheveled look. With a hairstyle like this no one will guess your real age. So consider it as your next hairstyle makeover.Salt and Pepper Short BobMedium-Length Gray Hair

Hairstyles for mature women are all about a right hair color and haircut. Embrace your natural grey hair color using different shades of white or even icy blondes. When it comes to the cut, mid length is appropriate for women of different ages. Because of being so elegant and manageable most females prefer to pull off a medium-length hairstyle. Just curling the ends of the strands will be more than enough to look good.Medium-Length Gray HairPonytail Knot for Long Hair

This is the highest moment to go for adventurous hairstyles and discover the other side of you. Let your hair grow to show off your natural texture and hilarious hair length. Long hair allows you to sport many hairstyles. However, if you have already had long hair, give it a break by wearing it in simple twisted knots. Don’t even change your hair color as you will look good with your natural grey hair too.Ponytail Knot for Long Hair

High Ponytail

The advantage of pulling off a high ponytail like this is that it takes your strands out of your face while enhancing your overall look. This stunning high pony will accentuate your bone structure and elongate your forehead. The silver-grey hue gives a sophisticated touch to the style. By the way keep the crown a little bit messy and voluminous.High PonytailNatural Curls

What about this style? It requires embracing your natural texture. If you have wavy or curly hair, just wear it in a medium pixie haircut and with the help of bobby pins secure some sections of your locks to keep the strands out of your face. Apart from the cut, this lovely grey-white shade is also stunning as it brings out the best of this model’s features.   curly hair



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