Angled Bob Hairstyles 2015

Bob hairstyle still remains the hottest haircut and for 2015 spring/summer too bob haircuts are the best. The versatility of bob hairstyles will help you to find the best cut for your image. In order to help you to find something really cool and stylish I have picked up several trendy ideas of bob haircut 2015.


Virtually all styles of bob haircut look beautiful. If you are the lover of geometric straight cuts you can choose long blunt bob. This image will be suitable for natural thick hair but if you have thin fine hair you need to find haircut that will boost the volume of hair and create an illusion of thicker tresses. Angled bob haircut is the best option here.

Angled bob hairstyle has several details that make this style so beautiful and unique. First of all it is layering at the top that oomph up the volume of hair and makes it look thick. Angled bob haircut has shorter layers on the back and longer sharp layers on the front. The transition from short to long makes your glimpse even more magnetic and foxy. Such haircut is suitable for virtually all face shapes. Moreover the length and style will make round face look slimmer and more attractive.

Angled bob haircut looks gorgeous if styled sleek. If you have wavy hair at first you may need a bit longer time to style hair. After you learn right tricks of styling hair you will easily straighten hair. On the other hand you can create grunge look with a bit wavy and messy texture. In order to create stylish look you can use texturizer or hair mousse.



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