Beauty & Hair Secrets

Beauty is woman’s weapon and it really works is only woman knows who to make the most of her natural beauty, accentuate best features and at the same time hide little faults. Such secrets are worthless so if you want to become real seductress and always look perfect you should definitely know this beauty guideline. Check out this short list of beauty and hair secrets.

beauty secretsIn order to keep skin soft and silky it should have necessary lever of moisture. To prevent dehydration apply moisturizing cream just after cleansing the face. This trick will help you to keep the elasticity of skin.If you are getting ready to spend time in a pool or on the beach make sure you protect hair from water. Both chlorine and salt water can damage hair and cause color fading. The best way is to wear a cap still not every woman wants to wear such “attractive” accessory. Besides of a hat you can protect hair by coating hair with conditioner or just wetting hair. Do not forget to rinse hair after pool.

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