Best Asian Hairstyles for Schoolgirls

As we are referring to the hairstyles for all age groups this time we have decided to go with the new school year and have prepared a special article for our pretty teenagers. Here we have collected the best Asian hairstyles for schoolgirls who follow the world of fashion and want to look always beautiful. If you are one of them then have a look at these cute examples.

Bob Haircutbob haircut

Many Asian girls today go for bob haircuts as they find it quite trendy and beautiful as a teenage hairstyle. Bob haircuts are great for any type of hair and each girl can spirt it at least once in her life. The first experiment can be done during school years when you need a radical change in your appearance to grab attention.cute bob haircutHigh Ponytailhigh ponyhtailThe classy and prefect schoolgirl look has always been associated with high ponytails. To make it a bit different you may use some cute hair accessories that go with your style and form. It can be a bow or a nice ribbon around your ponytail. This is the most convenient hairstyle especially for girls with long hair.

Grown Out Pixie Haircutgrown out pixieLong pixie cut is another stylish and cozy hairstyle for teenagers. It’s a way to make your hair healthier and softer. Following the examples of Asian girls you’ll get a nice grown out pixie cut which is also low maintenance hairstyle.

Long Wavy Hairstylelong curly hairstyleIf you have long hair and don’t want to chop it off just make it wavy and enjoy the prettiness and attractiveness this hairstyle brings. As long hairstyles are too feminine they are great for any occasion.

Messy Bun Hairstyleasian messy high bun hairstyleSometimes my busy schoolgirls can’t have that much time to have their hair always washed but no worries, I have found the best solution for you. Your second or even third day hair will look so spiffy in a messy bun hairstyle that you can’t even imagine. You are in a hurry in the morning and don’t know what to do with your bedhead hair? Just gather it in a stylish bun and you are done with a seductive and convenient hairstyle.

Side Braid Hairstylekorean side braidThe statistics have shown that many women steal the side braid from teenagers to look younger and girlish. Yes, this is the most seductive hairstyle to look subtle and feminine. It’s also a trendy hairstyle and every single little lady who has long or medium hair can often sport it as a school hairstyle.korean side braid 2016Now, as you have already discovered the best teenage hairstyles it’s time to decide which is your style is and which one will look perfect with your face shape. Try to choose the one that most of all appeals to you and is the style of your dreams. We are always here to help you with our advice and to provide you with the trendy hairstyles. Consider the advice of your hairstylist as well not to get a failed result.



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