Black Women Curly Hairstyles

African American women have a secret weapon of seductiveness; natural afro curls look simply adorable and this makes their hairstyle so special. The following examples of black women curly hairstyles present new ways of wearing curls as well as several curly haircuts that are trendy this year.


One of the newest trends from 2015 winter haircuts is short haircut. Unlike sleek hair afro curls look so funky. For afro curls hair is cut in layers where the sides and back is cut short and the top is left longer. Such short haircut can be transformed into Mohawk with hair gel. All you need to do is to apply hair gel on sides to create slicked back hairstyle.
Next popular hairstyle for black women is long curly hairstyle. In fact, this is the best one that is chosen not only by black women by also by those who love ethnic style with tight fluffy curls. Women go for a perm to get similar look and why not to use this advantage. This year afro curls are worn center parted with extra volume. Natural afro hair is thick and fluffy so there will be no problem with a volume.


Long afro curls can be styled in numerous ways and here you are completely free. If you want to get stylish and fashionable hairstyle you can style hair in faux hawk. This modern and cool design looks fabulous with tight curls. In order to style faux hawk hairstyle you can either pin the sides tightly or create cornrows.

Braids look fantastic with afro curls so create braided hairstyle instead of wearing simple loose hair. You can get braided bang or creative hairstyle with plaited strands and curls.



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