Blondes & Brunettes; 2015 Hair Color Trends

Every girl has once come to a dilemma; which color is better blonde or brunette. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages and this is why this “battle” is never-ending. Let’s try to find out which is more suitable for you. As a source of inspiration we will check out celebrity images that wore both colors and may be you will be able to decide which one is better.

celebrity blonde hairstyles

Olivia Palermo looks gorgeous wearing natural brunette hair color and no one expected that she would change hair color and get blonde hair. Well, this is Celebville and no one can predict what they are going to do the next moment. Which is better? You choose.

This is one of the makeovers that can be described as totally successful. Carey Mulligan wore blonde hair for a long time and them she appeared on the red carpet wearing brunette hair. She looked much younger and attractive with darker hair.

We know Reese Witherspoon as a fairy blonde with porcelain skin and long blonde locks but then she shocked everyone with her brand new image. This is one of the examples that it is hard to decide which is better.

Scarlett Johansson is a new diva. Her natural beauty, sexuality and charisma inspire millions of women and she is definitely worth to be an icon. As for hair color she wore both blonde and brunette shades and again it is pretty hard to decide which makes her even sexier.

One of celebrity makeover that cannot be considered as succeeded (from my point of view) is Anne Hathaway’s transformation from brunette to blonde. She looked much better with dark brown hair.



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