Chic Hairstyle Ideas for Spring and Summer

We love these seasons as they give us full freedom to style our locks the way we want and to look the way we have dreamed about during the harsh and cold fall/winter. Spring and summer are the best periods of the year for subtle hair styling experiments and cute ideas. Girls try as many hairstyles as they know for these seasons but since hairstyles tend to change by the latest trends we offer you some chic hairstyles for SS 2017.Beach Waves with Sombre

Try to mix a summer hairstyle with a trendy hair color and you will not only refresh your locks but will also get a new style. Here is a mixture of beach waves and sombre hair color that create a stunning result on medium to long hair. With the help of a light and warm tone you can lighten up the tips and keep the roots in your dark shade. Then style your hair into loose beach waves. That’s it!waves hair 2017Loose Ponytail Hairstyle

We always seek for updo hairstyles in summer when our hair is long, thick and annoying because it usually makes us feel inconvenient. Here is a trendy ponytail hairstyle for spring and summer. As you see, it’s a chic and shaggy pony with some loose waves and a flashy braid on the top. The combination of waves and braids look interesting and grab attention. You can often wear this hairstyle both for casual days and special occasions. 

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