Cozy Braided Hairstyles for Curls 2017

When it comes to curly hair we find it hard to match curls with the right braided hairstyles. Not every braid goes well with messy and unruly curls but some tend to keep control over the fly-away curls and provide you with amazing hairstyles. These are cozy braided hairstyles for curls to use in 2017. As summer is a hot season we look for comfier and more attractive hairstyles. So, braids are both convenient and pretty. braided hairstyles for curly hair 2016Crown Braid Updo for Curls

The first comfy braided hairdo for curls is the milkmaid or the so called crown braid. This hairstyle that tends to give you a princess look is among the top braided hairstyles for 2017. It is a good prom updo and goes well with most hair types including curls. In order to keep it tight and classy use the French braiding technique for the top part hair and then pass on to the braid updo for curls 2016Side Braid for Curly Hair

Though side braids on curly hair look messy but they are gorgeous and delightful in their natural effect. From the simple braids to the trendy fishtail you are welcome to rock a fabulous curly side braid hairstyle in everyday life. It will come for help when you may need to keep your long curls in a neat style. Side braid is an easy to do and quick braided hairstyle to use on the beach. We often see it on the catwalk.

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