Crimped Hairstyle Ideas for 2016

Consider crimped hairstyles in 2016 as they are going to become the trendiest wavy hairstyles. The various sizes of these waves allow us to choose eth style that best works with the type of our hair. If you have fine hair you can go for thin crimped hairstyle and those who have thick hair may choose chunky crimps. Women who like to rock playful hairstyles will definitely choose trendy crimped hairstyles for 2016. They have much fun than any other hairstyle and give you many hair styling ideas. Let’s see some of them.crimped hairstyles for 2016Crimped Hairstyle in Pastel Hair Colors

This long straight hair is beautified in a subtle pastel blue hair color and with a nice crimped hairdo. The loose waves along with the light blue hair color create an angelic look and give you a dolly appearance. You can go for this hair color if you have light or medium skin tone. It’s easy to achieve thin crimps on long straight hair.pastel colored crimped hairstyle 2016Medium Crimped Hairstyle

In order to make your medium haircut voluminous and more eye-catching you can choose medium sized crimps. They are great especially for layered haircuts since layers become more beautiful in wavy hairstyles. So, try to style your medium haircut in a crimped style in 2016 for a special occasion.crimped medium hairstyle 2016Crimped Updo Hairstyle

Vibrant colored crimped hairstyle are bolder and flashier for sure. Here you see such fabulous example. Tight crimped updo in a dramatic red hair color shines beautifully on crimps is great for crazy party. Just match it with edgy makeup and be in the center of attention all day long.crimped updo hairstyle 2016Crimped Messy Bun Hairstyle

I love the chicness and simplicity of this hairstyle. It’s very delicate in its simple and pretty form which is embellished with flower accessories. Get the same look on your medium or long hair just going for a crimped hairstyle and gathering it ion to a loose messy bun.  crimped messy bun 2016Crimped Ponytail Hairstyle

Recently we often meet runway hairstyles in crimped waves. These are simple low ponytail which bring out fresh hair colors just thanks to the partially crimped hairdo. All you need is just adding a few crimps here and there over your locks and then tie a low ponytail. This is not your regular and dull pony.crimped ponytail hairstyle 2016Crimped Pixie Hairstyle

Crimps are not only for long and medium but also for short pixie haircuts. They can be placed on the parts where you have a bit longer locks like your fringe or the top part hair. Crimps will immediately change your simple boyish cut into a fascinating wavy hairstyle.  short crimped hairstyle 2016Long Crimped Hairstyle with Highlights

Highlighted hair is more attractive and this goes without saying. If you wear a crimped hairstyle on your long highlighted locks the effect will be more seductive. Your cute highlights will be able to bring out their stunning hues and the shine of your tresses.long crimped hairstyle with highlights 2016Braided Crimped Hairstyle

Braid your crimped hairstyle or crimp your braided hairstyle. Doesn’t this sound funny? Yes, and actually this is a playful process. You get an amazing braided hairdo in a crimped style which differs from the rest of braids that you have been wearing so far. It is really worth trying. crimped braided hairstyle 2016



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