Crimped Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

Consider crimped hairstyles in 2016 as they are going to become the trendiest wavy hairstyles. The various sizes of these waves allow us to choose eth style that best works with the type of our hair. If you have fine hair you can go for thin crimped hairstyle and those who have thick hair may choose chunky crimps. Women who like to rock playful hairstyles will definitely choose trendy crimped hairstyles for 2017. They have much fun than any other hairstyle and give you many hair styling ideas. Let’s see some of them.crimped hairstyles for 2016Crimped Hairstyle in Pastel Hair Colors

This long straight hair is beautified in a subtle pastel blue hair color and with a nice crimped hairdo. The loose waves along with the light blue hair color create an angelic look and give you a dolly appearance. You can go for this hair color if you have light or medium skin tone. It’s easy to achieve thin crimps on long straight hair.pastel colored crimped hairstyle 2016Medium Crimped Hairstyle

In order to make your medium haircut voluminous and more eye-catching you can choose medium sized crimps. They are great especially for layered haircuts since layers become more beautiful in wavy hairstyles. So, try to style your medium haircut in a crimped style in 2017 for a special occasion.

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