Dainty Wedding Hairstyle Ideas: Spring 2017

The runway shows for spring 2016 are surely filled with stunning gowns and accessories but what grabs our attention is the hair styling ideas and the added modern twists. We choose wedding hairstyles according to the season to have the desired harmonious and stylish look. If your long awaited wedding is in spring then check out these dainty and gorgeous wedding hairstyles for spring 2017. Keep in mind that the attractive and feminine bridal look is succeeded only when you opt for the most delightful hairstyle that compliments your dress.spring 2016 wedding hairstylesWedding Low Braided Bun Hairstyle

Replacing the common low buns with braids and center parted styles hairstylists offer modern and more fascinating festive hairstyles. Sometimes celebrities wear such tender hairdos that look ideal wedding hairstyles. One of them is Emmy Rossum’s headband updo with an exquisite spring touch in it. It is a simple center parted sleek low braided bun beautified with a stylish headband. This hairstyle is great for medium to long hair and can be chosen by ladies who want to bring out their slender face shape and attractive facial features.  Emmy Rossum headband updo 2016Low Woven Chignon Hairstyle for Brides

The next is a rather eye-catching and luxurious hairstyle for long tresses. It’s a fashionable large woven chignon with tender fresh flowers on. Besides being eye-catching it’s also seductive and trendy. In order to get a lovely low woven chignon you should have thick hair and it’s better to dye it in a fresh hue for a shinier effect. If you like you can add a few highlights to showcase the charm of your natural shade.

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