Easy To Do Casual Braided Hairstyles for 2016

When it comes to complicated and festive braided hairstyles we usually ask for the help of our mother, sister or hairstylist, but there are some easy to do and casual braids that are both trendy and pretty and we can achieve them by ourselves. And all we need for casual days is simplicity and stylishness. So, don’t waste your time and check out these easy to do braided hairstyles for 2016.easy to do braided hairstyles 2016Rope Braid Hairstyle

The latest innovative braided hairstyle that we see on the runway is the rope braid. This hairdo reminds us of a twisted tight hairstyle which beautifully brings out the shine and the attractiveness of hair. However if you have a layered haircut you may fail this hairstyle. It is great for straight and long hair. Before twisting the two huge sections of your tresses you should apply hair cream. It will provide with a high-shine and healthy effect as well as will help you keep control over fly-away strands.rope braid hairstyle 2016French Braid Hairstyle

Perhaps the most demanded braided hairstyle all over the world is the French braid. It loves by the majority of women who have thick locks. The classy French braid is an easy to do hairstyle and keeps all hair out of the face. It is tight and comfy at the same time. You can choose it for busy summer days.french braid hairstyle 2016Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

There is no any other simple braided style that has so much prettiness and flashiness in it. The many updo hairstyle combined with fishtail braids inspire us to use the simple side fishtail as a trendy casual hairstyle. Even short-haired ladies add cute fishtail braids to their hair in order to keep all eyes on their hairstyles. The beauty of fishtail braids is generally hidden behind their thickness and comfy tightness.fishtail braid 2016Ponytail Braid Hairstyle

Combine Dutch, French, simple or fishtail braids with ponytail hairstyles and enjoy a brand new hairdo. We are already tired of the same regular pony hairstyles and they also need some refreshments. Braids give us the best solutions. You can either start your ponytail with a braid or add the plaits only to the tail. The choice is always up to you. Use your imagination while tying a high ponytail.  ponytail braid hairstyle 2016Braided Bun Hairstyle

Well, if you look for a comfier and tighter braided hairstyle then go for the braided bun. Many celebrities choose it for their second day hair and even for red carpet events. This hairstyle shows off facial features and face shape and is ideal when you wear subtle makeups.simple braided bun hairstyle 2016



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