Edgy Hipster Hairstyles 2017

Like the bohemian style hipster style is also becoming very popular. Hipster hairstyles are usually combined with bold makeups, street styled outfits and round framed glasses. They are very eye-catching and make you stand out from the crowd with your unique look. In this post I will offer you the trendiest edgy hipster hairstyles for 2017. Check them out and be inspired!hipster hairstyles for 2016Beach Waves with Headband

Headbands and bandannas are just great to beautify your carefree and messy hairstyles. If you like to rock beach waves on your medium or long hair then you may try to make it flashier with a nice hipster inspired headband.hipster bandana hairstyle 2016Messy Bandanna Updo Hairstyle

Another messy hairstyle can be your casual updo which you can decorate with a cool bandanna. It’s better to combine this hairstyle with a trendy makeup and round shaped glasses to have the desired cool look.hipster bandana updo hairstyle 2016Long Braided Hairstyle

Two-tone dark hair colors are often chosen by women who want to have a hipster style. They choose dark brown or dark red hair colors. These hair color combination is best reflected on long braided hairstyles. As for braids you may pick French pigtail braids to get an edgy and trendy look.hipster braided hairstyle 2016Red Wavy Hairstyle

Red is a bold hair color to get a dramatic hipster style. This hair color draws attention and goes with bold makeups. Wearing a street styled hat with it is the best way to get the wanted hipster style. You can go for a wavy hairstyle to bring out the prettiness of your hair color.hipster hat hairstyle 2016Undone Updo Hairstyle

There are many undone updo hairstyles with headbands which remind of the hipster style. These seductive messy hairdos are very sophisticated in spite of being so carefree. You can wear unique undone ponytails, braids, buns or knots decorating them with bandanas and combining with eye-catching makeups.undone hipster updo 2016Short Haircut

Short bob or pixie haircuts with an edgy touch in them can make your style closer to hipster. You may sport a cool short haircut and wear trendy glasses along with dark lips. So, rock a stylish hairstyle in 2017 using the popular hipster inspiration.short hipster hair for women 2016Highlighted Hair

Bold highlights all over your hair are able to create a dramatic look. They look stunning both on bangs and on the rest of hair. Braiding your highlighted hair even in a simple side braid you will have a flashy and very stylish look.hipster highlighted hair 2016

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