Elegant Chignon Hairstyles

Up-do hairstyles are of great popularity because they are optional and very elegant. Some are suitable for casual occasions, more complicated ones are meant to complete luxurious evening dress. One of the most popular up-do hairstyles that is so often represented on fashion shows is chignon hairstyle that has many variations and styling options.


Elegant and neat chignon hairstyle is more suitable for events like wedding, formal dinner or first date but there are many ways to create casual chignon that will save you from messy and untidy hair.

Classy chignon hairstyle is hair rolled upwards and fixed with hair pins. Hair parting depends on your face shape. This up-do can be completed with thin headband or braided strand. New variation of classy chignon is messy chignon with loose waves on the front. Such Greek goddess hairstyle can complete beautiful lightweight dress.

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