Guido Palau Hairstyles 2015

Guido Palau is one of the most popular hair gurus in fashion industry who set trends for new season. If you are aware of latest fashion shows and fashion weeks you have probably seen his gorgeous slicked ponytail hairstyles (Alexander Wang fashion show), shag hairstyles (Marc Jacobs), new bun hairstyles (Dolce & Gabbana) and many other iconic images that became trend immediately after they had been presented on the catwalk. We will try to show some of the newest and the most popular hairstyles 2015 by Guido Palau. All those hairstyles are included in 2015 spring/summer hair trends.


Slicked hairstyle with wet effect is one of the most frequently seen designs on the catwalk and yes, Guido Palau was the first to represent this super stylish design. Both slicked back up-dos and loose hairstyles are going to be popular for coming spring and summer.

Besides of looking through fashion shows and searching stylist’s hairstyles now you have a chance to find some luxurious hairstyles in his new book “Hair”.



We have seen all these hairstyles for millions of times and we really love them but we have never thought about the one who created all this beauty. Now you will have totally new emotions looking at those pictures and you will surely fall in love with all these hairstyle.

The models shot for the book are wearing long hairstyles styled in the most gorgeous way. Super long poker straight hair is worn side and middle parted. You may think that there is nothing special about sleek hair but take a look how sexy they are.

Besides of sleek hair the book offers messy hairstyles and messy side braided hairstyles that are also included in 2015 spring/summer hair trends.



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