Hairstyle Trends from Milan Fashion Week 2016

Many people love the French style and others prefer posh Italian looks. However there are types of people who follow all fashion trends from Paris to Milan. What fashionable women wear in the streets of Milan is interesting not only for designers but also for stylish ladies who do their best to be in trendy looks. Here are the best hairstyle trends from Milan Fashion Week 2016. They are all elegant, flashy and glamorous, so, be inspired by the recent hair styling ideas.Milan Street style 2016Long and Medium Sleek Hairstyles

Long and medium sleek side swept or center parted hairstyles are very fashionable these days. They are simple and natural-looking classic hairdos for women who look for neat styles for their thick locks.Milan Fashion Week long sleek hairstyle for 2016How to Style: Wash your hair and blow dry it. Then apply your favorite light hair cream from the top to the ends to make hair sleek, soft and shiny. Once you are done with rubbing go for straightening. Comb from the roots to the tips and straightening with any hair straightening tool. Take a fine-toothed comb and style either a side or middle parted hairstyle. If there are fly away locks fix them in place with hair cream or spray. In order to get a more convenient hairstyle you can tuck front locks behind the ears or just secure with a small bobby pin on one side.  Milan Fashion Week long sleek hairstyle 2016Long Wavy Hairstyles

Not too curly and not too voluminous: these are loose are relaxed waves in their natural-looking styles. Women who have naturally wavy hair can easy opt for loose wavy hairstyles but those with straight locks should go for additional styling.Milan Fashion Week long wavy hairstyle 2016How to Style: Slightly wavy hair may even look so glamorous and pretty in its natural state while straight locks require hair products and curling tools. So, comb your hair gently from the top to the tips and apply hair mousse on the ends. Then curl the ends into loose waves and fix with hair spray. Fine hair may look a bit textured due to this hairstyle and thick tresses will bring out their luscious charm.Milan Fashion Week long wavy hairstyle for 2016Short Bob Haircuts

Leaving alone the stunning long hairstyles we pass on to the short bob haircuts. They were everywhere in 2015ad continue to be in style in 2016 too. Those who have long hair and want to experiment with short bob cuts without chopping their locks off can try the trendy faux bob hairstyles.Milan Fashion Week short bob haircut for 2016How to Style: Faux bob hairstyles are great for medium to long hair. They are created by elastics and bobby pins on the back, part. The front effect doesn’t differ from the real bob hairstyles. As for the common bob haircuts you can go for any style that compliments your face shape and works with your hair type. Your hairdresser can help you make the right choice.Milan Fashion Week short bob haircut 2016



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