Hairstyles 2015

Hair trends 2015 are now complete and you can already check out the full list of fashionable haircuts, hairstyles and hair colors chosen by professional hair stylists and designers. The following collection of hair ideas include both long and short designs so you can update your image without going for dramatic makeovers.

Hairstyles 2015

Boho Waves 2015

Relaxed and messy waves in bohemian style are again popular. Natural beauty is more appreciated now and it concern to both hairstyles and makeup. You can check out runway looks were models are wearing boho waves completed with no makeup look. Boho waves are created on both long and medium short hair.

Popular ideas of boho waves are loose center parted or side parted hairstyles. Several long hairstyles were completed with wispy bang that visually makes face more proportionate. 

Ponytail Hairstyles

Next trend from 2015 hair collections is ponytail hairstyle. This year ponytail hairstyles are either tight and poker straight or fully relaxed and messy with flyaway strands. Both images look equally hot so choose one of them to complete your outfit.

Braided Hairstyles

Next line of trendy hairstyles includes different styles of braids and twists. Again the main detail of those hairstyles is natural and relaxed look. Designers chose simple braids and twists to complete new 2015 spring images and they looked really fantastic.

Bun Hairstyles

This year buns and knots are updated with modern twists and accessories and look highly fashionable. Instead of wearing classy bun you can turn it into a stylish up-do with a simple touch; just complete it with wet look or accessory.

Wet Effect

Wet effect is back and yes, this spring too you can wear hairstyle with wet look. Just like previous season slicked hairstyles 2015 designs are simple and classy.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessory has special place in fashion and this is why every season designers present new collection of accessories to complete outfits and new hairstyles. 2015 accessories are massive and eye catching with shiny stones and bright colors. Any of these accessories can turn simple hairstyle into something really unique.



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