Hottest Hairstyles for Spring 2016

Spring is on the way and celebrities are referring to their hairstylists for new updates. What about you? Have you already decided what haircut you are going to wear in spring 2016? If not yet, then keep on reading to find out the latest trendy hairstyles for spring 2016. Besides, check out the best runway hairstyles for this tender season. Refresh your haircut and then pass on to the hair color.spring 2016 hairstylesPiecey Layers

The messy and cute layered haircuts are the loveliest spring hairstyles. They are light, exquisite and give you the opportunity to go for as many wavy hairstyles as possible. Both short and long piecey layeres tend to add volume to your hair. So, if you have fine hair you should certainly go for this style.Piecey Layers hairstyle 2016How to Style: Generally Piecey layers look better in loose wavy hairstyles. Curl your locks from the top to the tips and run your fingers through to get loose waves. Fix the effect by hair spray. As for the hair colors, choose subtle highlights for your long layered haircut.

Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2016 Curly Hairstyle

Do you like curly hairstyles? Have a look at this lovely fresh curls from Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2016. They really make sense with their super feminine and sophisticated delicacy. It goes without saying that the lovely flowers on the side complete the whole girlish look and add suit for the subtle spring season.  Diane Von Furstenberg curly hairstyle 2016How to Style: Rub hair cream and part your hair to one side. Then comb and curl. Make cute buns with these curs and blow dry. Leave the buns down and enjoy your fancy and astounding hairstyle.

Mid-Length Tousled Hairstyles

Medium hairstyles have been trendy in 2015 and continue to be in style for spring 2016 too. Since they are so flexible you can wear various wavy, curly and tousled hairstyles appropriate for this season. Add some warm and sun-kissed highlights and bring out their shine by loose wavy hairstyles. Mid-Length touseled hairstyle 2016 How to Style: Blow dry hair and tease a little bit for a tousled and natural-looking touch. Then curl into relaxed waves and rub some hair cream for additional shine. If you have fine hair you can spray hair spray to keep the effect in place.

Long Side Pined Hairstyle

Pinning hair to one side helps you to have a comfy and youthful appearance. Long hair sometimes annoys us with its unruly face framing strands and fly-away locks. The side parting creates a kind of faux fringe style for your hair and softens your face beautifully.long side pinned hairstyle for spring 2016How to Style: brush hair gently and either flat iron or curl at the ends. Then pull a huge part of your hair to one side and secure with a bobby pin. According to you’re taste you can choose eye-catching and colorful bobby pins. These beauty tools are in thing and they are here to make us look younger. It’s an easy and quick hairstyle for your busy days.

Bluntly Razored Bob Haircut

Need a fresh short haircut for your damaged locks or just want to go for a trendy transformation? Here is a light bluntly razored bob haircut in a soft hair color. Be it straight or wavy your hairstyle will be quite appropriate for fashionable spring suits and classy outfits.bluntly razored haircut bob 2016How to Style: If you are a business lady then often go for straight hairstyles. Wash hair and blow dry. Then rub hair cream on the tips and flat iron from the top to the ends. Comb hair to one side to highlight your prettiness. Tuck it behind your ears.



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