Hottest Long Hairstyles for Schoolgirls

Thinking of a new hairstyle for every day is not an easy task for a schoolgirl who always wants to grab attention from the opposite sex. Though there are many ideas to do with hair but we look for the trendy and hot ones. The following long hairstyles for schoolgirls are easy, quick and beautiful at the same time. If you are interested in the stylish hairstyles that don’t take much time to be styled then discover these casual hairstyles.

Multiple Braids With PonyMultiple Braids With PonyIf you are tired of the same simple ponytail hairstyle then liven it up with multiple braids. You’ll get two hairstyles mingled into one eye-catching hairdo. This will take you 10 minutes and as a result you will be provided with a stylish hairstyle to amuse your friends at school.

Loose Side BraidLoose Side BraidFor those who have long hair and hardly find time to style it every morning I offer the loose side braid. It’s easy and very feminine. Many will like your appearance with that simple hairstyle. It’s also perfect for second day hair.

Rope Braidrope braid hairstyleRope braid is a tighter hairstyle to rock especially in summer when it’s too hot. This tidy high hairstyle allows you to bring out your face features and to look very ravishing. It will provide you with a neat classy appearance.

Bun Braided HairstyleBun Braided HairstyleCombine bun and braid hairstyle into one fantastic hairdo to look very fashionable. This hairstyle looks a bit complicated from the first sight but as soon as you get its principal you’ll often go for it on your second day hair or when you want an elegant hairstyle for different occasions.

Half Updo with Side BraidsHalf Updo with Side BraidsYour simple half up half down hairstyle can be very flashy with side braids that come together to make the half updo. Those braids are meant to bring a touch of attractiveness to dull half updo hairstyles.

Wavy Side PonyWavy Side PonyAnother way to style a simple pony is curling. Curl your hair into loose waves and tie into a low side pony. Leave some strands frame your face and curl them as well. This is easier especially for natural wavy locks.

All the represented long hairstyles for teenagers are in thing these days and they are already loved by many young ladies as well as by many stylish women who wish to look younger. You can go for these hairstyles for different occasions matching with appropriate outfits and makeup.



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