How to Wash Hair

Not everyone think of proper hair washing. Actually, wrong hair washing can cause many hair problems that will need more time and effort to cure. You can easily stay away from such problems if only you learn how to wash hair properly. This short guideline will help you to learn some secrets to keep hair healthy and strong.

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First rule is to choose shampoo for your hair type and learn the frequency of washing hair. For instance if you have fine hair you should wash it every other day especially if you are using styling products that make hair greasy. Dry and frizzy hair should be washed twice a week. In order to boost the volume of fine hair you can use volumizing conditioner instead of shampoo while frizzy hair need additional moisture with conditioners and moisturizing masks.

Next thing you should do is to control the temperature of water. If you are used to wash hair with warm or even hot water you need to dial down the temperature. The problem is that hot water opens hair follicle thus making hair dry and prone to breakage. On the other hand, tepid water will protect hair from dryness. It will be much better if you rinse hair with cold water. This trick will add sheen and volume to hair.

Do not apply too much shampoo. Components containing in shampoo can wash off protective oils from the scalp thus making hair dry and frizzy. Try to use sulfate free shampoo that will treat hair and scalp gently. Try to change the brand of shampoo every month so that hair will not get used to it.

At last try to include homemade masks in your hair care routine. Using them every week will enrich hair with necessary elements and help you to keep hair shiny and healthy.

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