Long Hairstyles vs Short Haircuts

Just like we still cannot decide which is better; blonde or brunette, the never-ending battle between long and short still doesn’t have the winner. Those two hairstyles have their advantages and disadvantages. Some women cannot imagine themselves with short hair; others simply cannot devote so much time on styling long hair. The following examples of celebrity makeovers will help you to find the winner in the battle “Long vs. Short”.  

Long Hairstyles vs Short Haircuts

Anne Hathaway

We used to see Anne with long hair with a bit wavy texture and she looked very elegant but when she changed her image for a role we realized that she looks even more feminine and sensual with short pixie haircut. Her image became an icon and from that day vintage pixie with choppy bang is considered the best one from collection of short hairstyles.

celebrity new hairstyles


This is the case when we cannot decide which is better. Beyonc? looks luxurious with any style and at this time she decided to try on bob haircut. The experiment can be considered successful.

celebrity new hairstyles

Britney Spears

Next beauty bunny who got rid of long hair to get bob hairstyle is Britney Spears. New haircut made her look more elegant and feminine and we can now get inspiration from new Britney.

celebrity short hairstyles

Emma Watson

She Emma “Hermione” wore short hair may be should would be so beloved but now she is a young lady and it is time to move on. Her pixie haircut is perfectly suitable for her complexion and yes short is a winner.

celebrity long hairstyles

Halle Berry

It seems that short is winning because here too celebrity makeover from long to short is a success. Halle berry definitely looks much more attractive with short hair.

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