Modern Hairstyles with Pins

Designers pay special attention to hair accessories and they can create really amazing hairstyles decorated with beautiful accessories. I am sure you have never thought that it is possible to create fashionable and stylish designs with simple hair accessory like bobby pin. In fact, bobby pins are of great popularity. Designers have not once presented gorgeous hairstyles with bobby pins on the catwalk. 2015 fashion shows were completed with decorated hairstyles and that’s why those designs are considered trend. This collection of modern hairstyles with pins will show you some beautiful hairstyles that can be worn on special occasions.

Modern Hairstyles with Pins

Simple detail like bobby pin can totally transform your hairstyle. The most common and popular hairstyle is pinned bang design that will add retro flair to image. Pinned bang can be created on both sleek and wavy hairstyle.

Another gorgeous hairstyle with pins is half up-do. Here you have several options. You can pull two sides back and pin hair behind ear. You can also comb hair back and stitch pins across the nape.

Hairstyles with Pins

Side swept hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles on the red carpet. This romantic hairstyle looks adorable with vintage waves so if you getting ready for a formal event you can recreate side swept hairstyle completed with bobby pins.

Besides of those classy pinned hairstyles designers presented creative and modern designs with hair pinned all around. Such hairstyle will look smashing with straight cut modern dress.

At last, do not forget to use bobby pins to pull back bang if you feel discomfort or if you want to hide greasy roots. Keep colorful bobby pins in your beauty kit for next summer and decorate your hairstyle with lovely accessories.



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