Red Hair Highlights 2017

Redhead beauties look so sexy and adorable. Unfortunately natural red hair is a rare thing and women have to go for hair perm to create desired look. 2017 hair color trends include palette of red shades both natural and dramatic and which one to choose is only up to you.

Red Hair Highlights 2015

There is one thing about red hair color that you should know. It is of high maintenance and needs special care. Regular touch ups are a must otherwise color will fade quickly and look dull. If you are not ready to devote so much time on hair care you can go for hair highlighting. Multi tonal hair color looks even more beautiful and stylish so you can get smashing look without going for radical changes.

Red hair highlights look smashing on any base tone and there is no need to change natural color. Let’s start from dark hair color with red highlights. If you have dark brown hair auburn lowlights will natural and very stylish. Barely seen transition from dark brown to red will make hair look fuller and longer. Lowlights with dark brown and res looks like ombre and it is as popular as the combination of brown and blonde. For light brown hair you can get lighter lowlights.

red hair color

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