Runway 2017 Bob Hairstyle Inspiration

Wish to know what is trendy on the runway? I am here to tell you that most attractive runway bob hairstyles for 2017 are collected below special for you and your interests. Don’t waste your time on the old-fashioned bobs and discover the modern and more glamorous bob styles to try this year. Posh models always appear with the latest innovative experiments and looks. So, let’s get started!runway bob hairstyles 2016Razor Cut Bob Hairstyle

Nowadays the chic combination between straight and asymmetrical cuts are achieved by razor haircuts. They are sharp, striking and fresh cuts for straight hair and tend to add extra-texture to your bob hairstyles. The majority of razor bobs are accompanied by full and heavy bangs, which hide the forehead and draw attention to the eyes. That’s why the designers have focused on the eye makeup to create a more memorable impression.  razor cut bob for 2016Center-Parted Monotone Bob Hairstyle

Platinum blonde, jet black and red bob hairstyles are quite popular for 2017. Alongside we also see pastel and more dramatic hair colors worn as monotone and shiny shades on bob haircuts. They tend to create a harmonious and classy effect with the flat-ironed style and go well with elegant outfits. Such bob haircuts look better with the simple yet so sophisticated center parting.

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