Runway Hairstyle Ideas for 2016

The hairstyles first experimented on models’ hair soon become the trendy hairdos that we steal to look fashionable and stunning. The innovative ideas used by professional hairstylists are often seen on hairstyles for fashion weeks. Every year we are provide with stylish hairstyles and we try to keep up with the fashion following its rules. So, if you are one of those who are in search of runway hairstyle idea for 2016 then you are in the right place.  Keep on reading to discover the best hairstyles for 2016.

Hair Tucked Under Clothes Hairstyle for Winter 2016hair tucked under clothes 2016Don’t know what to do with your long hair in winter? Tuck it under clothes as a trendy hairstyle. It’s a simple yet very stylish solution to look beautiful, to keep the neck and the ears warm and o be original.  Side Pulled Curls for Spring 2016side pulled curls 2016For spring 2016 our hairdressers offer side pulled curly hairstyle embellished with a flower hair accessory. It does look subtle and very feminine and is typical for the warm spring season.

Messy Ponytail Hairstylemessy ponytailIf you think classy suits require only neat and sleek hairstyle then have a look at this cool messy ponytail hairstyle. It’s very trendy for spring season and is a cozy hairstyle for your workplace.

Low Sleek Ponytail for Summer 2016low sleek ponytail runway 2016Need something chic and cozy for summer? Tie your hair into a low sleek ponytail and feel the convenience and attractiveness that it brings. This hairstyle is one of the bests for casual days.

Braided Bridal Ponytailbraided pony 2016Brides planning to get married in spring 2016 can choose this ravishing braided ponytail for their big day. It’s very suitable for long hairstyles and looks fantastic especially with these white cute hair accessories across the braid.braided ponytail

Low Side Bun Hairstyleside messy bun 2016Another delightful hairstyle for classy and elegant women. Here you see a low side bun hairstyle which is perfect for wedding days, for workplace and for formal meetings. You may combine it with romantic dresses or with classy suits.

Loose Wavesloose waves 2016

After Bohemian hairstyles many started to style Boho inspired waves on their long hair. This easy hairstyle is now very trendy and is going to be one of the most requested hairstyles in 2016.

Tight Top Knot Hairstylehigh top knot hairstyle 2016For summer and spring seasons brides may choose the tight top knot hairstyle decorated with butterfly shaped hair accessories. Those cute accessories make the simple look of the top knot luxurious and eye-catching enough.

top knot 2016



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