Short Bob Haircuts for 2017

Ladies seeking for short haircut which I neither a pixie nor a long bob choose the short bob haircuts for 2017. This is a cozy and very attractive hairstyle that goes with almost all face shapes. You should just choose the right style of a short bob for your face frame and you are done with a trendy look. Looking at these pictures you’ll surely be inspired by the charming ouch that add short bob haircut to a female appearance.

Wavy Short Bob with Thin Bangswavy bob hairstyle with thin bangsGirlish, very cute and lovely look can provide a wavy short bob haircut. Many Asian teenagers today copy this cool hairstyle from the shown lovely model and actress who has very slender face features but has chosen thin bangs to draw attention to her pretty eyes.

Short Bob Hairstyle with Side Bangsshort bob hairstyle with side bangs 2016If you want to have trendy and spiffy hairstyle at the same time then you may ask your hairstylist combine your short bob cut with side bangs, those bangs are very stylish and can change your hairstyle into a better one.

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