Summer Best Celebrity Brown Hairstyles

Summer is heating up, girls become sexier with sun kissed skin and beautiful dresses but there is one more thing that make them so adorable. New summer hairstyle and hair color will complete your image so hurry up to find out the newest trends. Top 10 best celebrity brown hairstyles will show you some really beautiful images to copy.


Jessica Biel

Brown is one of the colors that have widest variety of shades and undertones and this is may be the reason why women so often choose this color. Another great advantage of brown is that it is easy to maintain; I mean you don’t have to go for bleaching or regular touch ups. This is not the end; brown hair color is the best option in case you are confused and don’t know which shade suits you most. 


Kerry Washington/Dark

Dark brown or black is the color of mystery; bring out your mysterious and magnetic side with black hair color combined with few strands of red. This striking combination will never be ignored.


Camilla Belle/Midnight Brown


Miranda Kerr/Caramel

Brown hair color is more often combined with blonde highlights. This simple trick adds texture and movement to bulky. Ombre hairstyle with dark blonde edges and brown roots will look stunning with tanned skin.


Rihanna/Golden Ombre


Jessica Alba/Honey Layers


Kate Middleton/Chestnut Brown

One of the most popular shades of brown is chestnut brown that perfectly matches fair and porcelain skin. The only problem of chestnut brown is that it tends to fade and lose sheen. The best way to keep hair shiny and flawless is to use clear of brown glaze.


Anne Hathaway/Copper Undertone

Brown color has black, blonde or red undertones and all of them look equally stunning. Ladies with fair skin and light eye color can choose brown with copper undertone.


Victoria Beckham/Mahogany

Another natural shade of brown is mahogany that will be suitable for medium fair and medium tanned skin tones. This color will look beautiful on both long and short hair.




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