Wedding Updo Hairstyles 2016

It’s a long time I am thinking of collecting the most delicate wedding updo hairstyles for 2016 and the time has come. Today I will share the cutest wedding updo hairstyles with my stunning brides. There is no need to look for millions of bridal hairstyles to find the most beautiful one. You just need to look through these trendy options. You will find your dreamt wedding hairdo right hairstyles 2016Loose Updo Hairstyle

Loose waves and curls are easy to gather into a stylish updo hairstyle. To get the desired look you need to go for fresh cuts and then style your hair into loose curls. At the end gather them section by section with simple invisible bobby pins. If your locks are unruly you can spray a hair spray.loose wedding updo 2016Side Curly Updo Hairstyle

This updo is for long thick hair. Curl it into tight curls and gather a side updo. If you have side bangs you can curl them as well to get a more elegant look. Then match it with a subtle makeup and stylish accessories.side curly updo 2016Wedding High Bun Hairstyle

This is not a simple high bun but it’s a huge high updo hairstyle with glamorous curls and side parted bangs which are beatified with a vibrant hair accessory. I can say that this is one of the most luxurious updo hairstyles that any bride can rock on her wedding day. It looks nicer with tender makeups and romantic high bun hairstyle 2016Wedding Ponytail Hairstyle

Like the previous one this is not your common pony hairstyle. It is rather eye-catching and fabulous. In order to get it you need to curl your hair and if it’s short you may add hair extensions. Then tease the crown part and style a low ponytail. If you like you can decorate it with a braided headband and combine with long side ponytail hairstyle 2016Wedding Top Knot Hairstyle

As for top knots they are trendy in candy-cotton styles. Candy-cotton style provides your top knot hairstyle with a soft and tender effect. If you like to bring out your slender face features you can opt for this top knot hairstyle 2016Wedding Half Updo Hairstyle

Bridal half updo hairstyles are special for long thick hair. They are often curled into loose curls and pined on the back part with a cute hair clipper. However if you are fond of simpler hairstyles you may pin it just with small bobby half updo 2016Messy Wedding Updo Hairstyle

I know there are stylish ladies who would like to rock a flashy messy updo on their big day. Do you see how girlish, cute and attractive this updo looks? It’s beautiful just in its simplicity. Add a huge flower-shaped accessory and you are done with a cool wedding messy updo hairstyle 2016



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