Wet-Looking Hairstyle Ideas for Straight Hair 2017

Wet-looking effects can’t be compared with any other technique used in the fashion world as they are unique in their style. But one thing is more than obvious; the wet-look effect is best reflected on straight hair. While curly-haired beauties spend lots of time, money and efforts to achieve a cool sleek and wet-looking hairstyle straight-haired women rock it without any special styling and efforts. Be it short or long you can easily get a shiny and stunning wet-look hairstyle on your straight hair. That’s why check out the trendiest wet-look straight hairstyles to try in 2017. Be in style with your fashionable hairdos.   wet look straight hairstyles 2016Straight Side Parted Wet-Look Hairstyle

Leaving alone the common center parting here we offer you a trendier option. It’s a wet-look side parted hairstyle with a tight French braid on the top. Just with the help of a fashionable thin braided hairstyle you can part your hair to one side. This unique hairdo is not that difficult to achieve on straight hair.  wet-look straight side parted hairstyle 2016How to Style: First of all start with damp and soft hair. Flat iron with hair protective cream and rub high-shine hair wax from the top to the tips. Comb all smoothly. Separate hair into two parts on the top by side parting and take a thin section from the crown part. Braid it into a tight French plait and achieve a deep parting.

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